June 24, 2004

No more brace face!

I just got back to London yesterday after being in the US for about 9 days. I was in Austin for about 2 days, Wichita Falls for 3, and Maine for 4. We stayed by the beach in a little town outside of Portland. The water was too cold except to splash your feet. Though, it was worth the trip just for the scenery, sand, and seafood (fresh lobster, lobster bisque, lobster roll, crab rolls, clam chowder, haddock ... yum). In case you didn't know, we went there for a friend's wedding. The night before the wedding, the groom's parents hosted a lobster bake on a private island!

The morning I left for London, I got my braces off! After having braces twice in two years, my teeth are now straight with no overbite.

The week of June 7, I was working in Zurich. Switzerland is so beautiful. There's much greenery around with the mountains and the lake. My co-worker had driven down from Munich, so one night, we drove through the country side and up some mountain. We weren't far from Lucern, which I have visited 4 years ago. It's amazing how the Swiss speak German, French, Italian, and Swiss German. Depending on which area of Switzerland you live in, you may speak one more than the other. But most Swiss speak almost all 4 languages... Oh, they speak English too, of course. I didn't have time for anything else. Hope we get another project there so I can go back.

The weekend before that, Ryan and I were planning on going to Paris, except we canceled because our friend, who we were going to visit ended up not staying in Paris that weekend. Perhaps another time for a trip on the EuroStar.

Many of you have asked if I've gone anywhere inside the UK. The answer is no. I tend to hang out in London. We recently found Greenwich. Yes, as in Greenwich Mean Time. You can get to this area via the Docklands Light Rail (or DLR). It's actually rather slow, much slower than the tube. It's above ground, so I feel like I'm on a kiddie-coaster ride. The park in Greenwich is full of activity on the weekends. There's also a market there that has ethnic goods, food, etc... Now, that's my kind of fun!

The EuroCup is big here, as you can imagine. If I were to join a pool bidding on who would win this year, I would go for England. Though, I have no good reason for my pick since I haven't watched a game yet. I think the England v. France is on right now.


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