September 7, 2004

European TV

Last night, I had some downtime and decided to see what was on the Telli (not sure if this is spelled correctly). I started watching show called "Conspiracies", which basically was talking about conspiracy theories regarding 9-11 and other historical events in America. I wonder what the Brits thought.

Then there was this show where each night this week, they're going to show "live" plastic surgery. I couldn't watch the boob-job, so I had to change the channel.

There is a British comedy here called "The Office". It's a mockumentary about this British guy and the happenings of the office. Basically, this guy is the show. He's awefully chauvenistic and crass. It's suppose to be funny, but I just can't get into it.

The Soprano's was on! Actually, I've never seen an episode of the Sopranos before. I don't have HBO at home. It didn't seem all that interesting, so I kept flipping.

There's a series called "Best Worst" where they visit banned TV ads, old sitcoms, etc. This time, it was naughty TV shows. Basically, they were reviewing TV shows in Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan that either was like prime-time TV shows with porn stars or just plain silliness with nudity. For example, there is this German show where they find the girls with the REALLy big bossoms (like bigger than your head! Gross.) and put them on a party boat. Then there is the topless Japanese girls in granny panties who compete in obstacle courses. This was produced by the same Japanese guy who did Banzai. So, you can imagine how ridiculous some of this stuff is.

I don't have cable in London, just the local 7 channels. See what great programming they have?

Looks like I might be going back to Italy again for work. Yeah!
ciao ciao bambini!

Posted by oneray at September 7, 2004 5:07 AM