November 16, 2004

Healthy Eating in November

I've been on this health kick. Besides turning vegetarian earlier this year, I've been diligent about eating fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. I'm spending more time at the grocery stores these days, reading labels and making sure that sugar is not the first item in the ingredients. Also, I avoid products with MSG and partially hydrogenated oil. This is why I tend to get the fresh and organic produce, since there's no label to read. Eggs should be free range eggs.

Here's a list of favorite food items to date:
fresh blueberries, snow pea leaves (from the asian market), eggs, and peanut butter.

What else is new? I just sold a costume on ebay. That was my first sell. It feels so good to find a new home for my unwanted goods that are still in good shape.

November is the month of birthdays... Connie's, mine, dad's, Ryan's, Susanne's, Kathy's. Yes, I'm 27 years old now. It feels great. I feel like I have more credibility now than a year ago. All thanks to lucky number 27.

During the first week of November, I was in Texas, where I saw family and friends. It was good to see my sister Gloria as she is usually busy with work and her man. Yasmin got into town the day after me. She just got back from two months of touring through Europe with Govinda.

I always feel so lucky whenever I'm back in Austin. My friends are so supportive. Yasmin and I performed at the Firehouse Lounge on November 4th. She danced 3 songs, then we danced our duet. Afterwards, I danced 3 songs. It was a good crowd. Maribel, Rania, Gloria, Scott, and Phillip. The next day I danced at the Alborz Persian restaurant for my friend Stacey, who normally dances there. Yes, I danced on my birthday. It was hard work. I'm still not sure about restaurant dancing.

The next day, I drove to Houston to see my parents. My aunt had finished her chemotherapy and was home recovering. She looked well. I had her teach me how to knit. Even her sister and my mom are knitting now! I have my own skeins of Fun Fur yarn and knitting needles here with me in London. No, I couldn't bring the knitting needles on the airplane, so I had to check my luggage in.

It was lovely weather in Texas. The burst of cold hit my face immediately as I stepped off the plane in London. We celebrated Ryan's 30th birthday. Here's a picture of Ryan and I after going out to Yauatcha (hip chinese restaurant) for dessert.

November in London is typically gloomy, overcast, drizzly, and cold. The days and nights don't differ too much. It gets dark around 4 PM. However, there are a few days of lovely sunshine. Here's a wonderful example of what Trafalgar Square looks like under the glow of the sun.

I'm working on my tribal coin costume now. The bra is finished, and it looks spectacular! I was at the Belllydance Superstars show in Austin and this guy standing next to me said, "Wow, it's like Conan the Barbarian," when he saw the tribal girls dancing. Coincidentally, when I was sewing on the old coins to my costume bra, "Conan the Barbarian" was on TV. dudu-dudu dudu-dudu...


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