March 5, 2006

Didn't see the Harajuku peeps

Sunday, the perfect day to catch the sights at Harajuku. I took a long walk from Roppongi, through the Aoyama Cemetary, then to Omote-sando street. I saw a sign that said Harajuku, so I turned in there, but there were only cafes, restaurants, and shops... no dressed up peeps. Now that I look at my map again, I didn't go very far down Omote-sando street, but I was suppose to. I turned in where the Ito Hospital was instead. I'll try again next Sunday!

Walking through Aoyama Cemetary was actually a pleasant experience. It's not exactly through. There is a two way street, two lanes on each side, with sidewalk on both sides. The cemetary flanks the street. Because the streets are wide, you don't feel like you're _inside_ the cemetary, but I suppose, technically you are. The sun was shining. The cemetary was peaceful. It was a good walk. My first time seeing a Japanese style cemetary. The tombstones are like pillars.

I was told that Tokyo didn't have very nice architecture. The shops along Omote-sando prove that statement wrong. Check out the buildings for Cartier and Prada (that's the all glass, multi-story, bubbly one).

When I walked back to Roppongi, I decided to go in search of the famous Roppongi Hills. The place is monstrous, although it didn't seem like there were lots of shops. It's very spreadout. It's made up of several buildings. Found Banana Republic and Zara there (in different buildings). Most of the other stores were more high-end and exclusive, that I don't even recognize their names. You do get a great view of the city from Roppongi Hills. I took a snap of the garden and Tokyo Tower afar. The last one is of the giant spider sculpture that was in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern Museum in London last year. It's definitely a good outdoor piece.

Here are some photos from today's walking adventure:

One thing to note: I think the stuff at Muji is cheaper in Japan than in London. What do you think?

Posted by oneray at March 5, 2006 8:17 AM