March 15, 2006

Good food, good fun

Yes. I have been eating some good food while in Tokyo...
jangara ramen (pork-based soup), sushi (of course), yakitori, soba noodles, monja-yaki, ton katsu (except I got the shrimp), etc. This is a pretty famous place in Tokyo: Gonpachi is a restaurant where the layout and interior design makes you feel like you're eating outside, Tokyo street-style. They are famous for their yakitoris and sushi. Check out this review:

Famous for their tonkatsu, where you can pick red or black pork, Maisen was seating diners throughout the afternoon this Sunday. Ryan got into Tokyo around lunch time on Sunday. We went to the Meiji Shrine and saw the kids at Harajuku, then went strolling down towards Omotesando station. We had a late lunch at Meisen where Ryan got a black pork tonkatsu and I got the ebi katsu. I had seen this place the week before, and there were people lined out the door. Most of the people were Japanese and looked like they were in church attire.

Here are some photos from this past Sunday:

ja ne,

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