December 4, 2006


New Zealand has miles and miles of coastline, which also means it has many beautiful beaches. There are so many beaches, the chances of you having to fight for a spot on the beach is very unlikely. If you don't like the beach when you get there, there's probably another one around the corner.

Ryan and I have been exploring a bit in the area, thanks to the laidback Kiwi culture which results in a moderate work load for us. This project has been the poster-child of all software projects. I feel really blessed to have been apart of it. The stars aligned for us.

One weekend, we went to Takatu, which is about an hour drive north of Auckland, on the East part of the island. The photo above is taken at one of the regional parks/beaches there. Minutes after taking this photo, we saw dolphins playing about 100 meters away in the water!

Below are a few interesting finds from the beach and rocks area...

[...What is this?]


[...Lots of tiny starfish camouflaged in the water!]

NZ is so cool... no wonder people want to stay on the island!

Posted by oneray at December 4, 2006 4:36 AM