January 30, 2005

Too much to write, so little time

So much has happened since I last wrote. Let's see...

- performed tribal fusion bellydance with Hannah.
- went to Houston for Christmas.
- went to Phuket for New Years. Yes, 4 days after the tsunami hit.
- was in Singapore for two days, one day before Phuket, and one day after.
- went to Paris for work, right after Phuket.
- went to Paris again for a few days the following week.
- went to Austin for a week. Performed at Mirage.
- back in London. Performed at Tsunami Relief fundraiser called "Dance of Hope".

Whew! I'm sure I've missed some stuff, but this is a quick and dirty summary of my life the past 7 weeks.

I have a travel log of the trip to Phuket... will post it with pictures soon. I promise!

Oh, let me not forget to mention... I'm going to Egypt! Yeah!
Peace out,

Posted by oneray at 6:43 PM