June 24, 2005

Feels like summer!

I suppose the cold and wetness of the winter wiped all memory of how summer feels like in London. It's hot. Some of you might think, "Oh poor you... it's only 98 degrees Fahrenheit in Texas!"

All I have to say is, "It's 87 degress Fahrenheit in London, but we don't have air condition!" Take that!

The underground is not air conditioned, at least the train cars themselves are not. So, you might be stuck under some stinky armpit if you're not lucky.

The theatres are not air conditioned, so stick to the cinemas. I do remember watching Jerry Springer the Musical last year in August, and it was roasting in the theatre. They even had some pyro-technics, which made the place feel really like hell. (There was "hell" scene.)

The warm weather and sun has been around for more than a week now... however, it does not stay long. We're already cooling down to 75 degrees and will be getting even cooler now... down to the high 60's and low 70's. I won't complain as long as it doesn't rain.

We're off to Porto this weekend. Porto, Portugal... where port originated. Our coworker lives there and has offered us a place to stay. Good food, good beach, good company... what else could you ask for?


Posted by oneray at 7:54 AM