November 25, 2005

Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square

I think it's an official start of the Christmas season when the giant Christmas tree goes up in Trafalgar Square. I'm not how it will hold up to the strong winds today, but I think the tree workers know what they're doing. The tree limbs look a bit sparce, but it won't look so bad once all the decoration is on it. The star is already on top. I'm just curious how they'll stabilize the tree and keep it alive through this cold winter ahead.

I'd take a photo right now (I have a nice view from my office window), but I don't have the camera on me. Perhaps I'll take one when all the oraments have been attached. Just think, a week ago, they were building a gigantic ramp and making snow for the Red Bull Rail Storm on Trafalgar Square. I didn't actually see the event, but I did get to witness the making of it!

Oh, and if you're wondering, "why hasn't Lily posted for a whole month?" Well, that's because I was in Austin the first week of November, then work got crazy busy. I've been working like 16 hour days for the past 2 weeks. Haven't had time for a haircut, a good meal, or exercise. For dinner the past three nights, I've had Ryvita crackers with Marmite for dinner... Man, if only I were a little smarter, I won't have to work so much! Well, it's only for a couple more days, then I should be back on a normal schedule.


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