June 19, 2006

Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Trip

Several weeks have passed since my last post, but that is mainly due to all the travels I have been doing and not having some down time to write. Here's a recap of my whereabouts:

May 25 - Left Tokyo for Austin. It was a long flight, but I met up with Ryan in the Houston airport.
May 26 - Drove to Houston for Jenny's wedding on May 27th. I did my bridesmaid's duties. It was a Catholic wedding, and Jenny looked fabulous.
May 28 - June 5 - Took a break in good ol'Austin, Texas! We cooked, rode bikes, and just bummed around Austin.
June 6 - Left Austin for London. We had to pack up the apartment and our office stuff. It's unbelievable the amount of things you collect after 2.5 years.
June 7 - Left London for Munich to meet up with friends for the Red Sea trip.
June 8 - Left Munich for Marsa Alam, a soon-to-be hot diving and tourist spot in Egypt. We arrived in the early evening and settled on our 'Seven Seas' liveaboard boat. The boat was full of Germans; we were the only Americans on board.
June 9 - Left the docks of Marsa Alam and cruised out to sea.
June 10 - 14 - Diving, diving, diving! There were 3 dives offered every day, starting from an early morning dive (pre-breakfast) at 6 AM. There were some days where a night dive was offered. But we didn't do any of them. Most of the trip was windy. There were white tips on the waves, the boat rocked, and people got nausea. I didn't get sick at all, but I did feel nausea often.
June 15 - Left Marsa Alam for Munich.
June 16 - Left Munich for London to pack some more.
June 17 - Had my last class with Serena. She and Hossam are going to be in New Zealand in August for workshop/show, so I will meet up with them there!
June 18 - Taught a 4-hour private workshop for a UK dance troupe. Then, packed some more.
Today - I am leaving for Beirut. Going to a dance festival there. This will be my first time in Lebanon. I'm very excited!

My pictures from the Rea Sea diving trip is here:

You don't have to sign in, just click on the first picture to view the slide show.

Pictures from one of the other divers (Johnny) on board:

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