Road Rage

Posted by Chopper in CoSprings on March 23, 1998 at 14:16:08:


Lately there's been alot of press about road rage and some of the problems it causes. The overall tone of most of the articles I've seen or read seems to be that those who rage just need to calm down and deal with it, and that they're the ones causing all the problems. Well I say, why not address the real cause of the problems and take care of it at the source. It amazes me how people could possible think that their idiotic driving habits wouldn't be irritating. To start with, I swear that some of these people must've gotten their license at Wal-Mart because there's no way they could've passed any sort of driving test. One response I've heard was, "Well I don't see what the big deal is." Oh really. Well never mind that you almost took my front end off and now I'm in dire need of a change of shorts. These people are a menace and must be stopped immediately.

I've compiled a short (very short) list of offenses. Please feel free to add on any additional which I've overlooked.


1) Slower traffic stay to the right

Why is this soooo hard to grasp. It seems pretty self-explanatory to me. One of the problems here is that there seems to be many different grades of slow - ranging from the merely slow down to the astronomically slow. I believe this causes people in the higher ranges of slow, upon seeing that they are travelling faster than some others, to think that they themselves are not slow.


2) Slowness in General

Now I realize that not everyone speeds, and certainly I am not condoning it. But,I feel it is every drivers duty to at least go the speed limit.


3) Pulling out in front of others and then going 20 mph

This is a real dandy. Your travelling along going 75mph and some idiot pulls in front of you (especially when there's plenty of clear road behind you), and proceeds to drive 20mph, causing you to have to hit your brakes.


4) Sleeping through or just driving slowly through a turn signal so no one else makes the light

This is one of my favorites. "Well hell, as long as I make the light who cares about the rest of you".


5) Coming to a complete stop before turning

Why is it that people can't seem to turn while moving for cryin' out loud?


6) Attempting to pass on the right, when it's clear that there are slower moving vehicles there.

Because of #1, there often forms a line of cars in the left lane as well as a few slower-moving cars in the right lane, and for some unknown reason there is always some clod that comes zipping up on the right thinking he's found some magic pathway around all the slow traffic - like the rest of us are all stupid for being in line



This is not really a traffix issue, but certainly one of the biggest pet peeves of all. Why is it that people think it's okay to smack your car? If I were to walk up to someone's car with a hammer and just whack a big dent into the door, well that would be vandalism and I could go to jail. But somehow, if I do it with my car door then it's perfectly alright? Where's the logic there?


That's all for now. Hope everyone has a safe trip home.


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