March 12, 2004

The Texas Embassy

The Texas Embassy is a Tex-Mex restaurant in Trafalgar Square. It's the closest thing to good chips and salsa you can find in London.

The decor is similar to that of a Pappasito's chain. You can find some ten-gallon hats and Texas license plates around the place. The restaurant owner is from Texas, so that is reassuring.

We had the quesadillas to share as an appetizer, which was rather tastey. I do recommend those. I had the veggie enchiladas with black beans, spanish rice, and corn. Everything was good on the plate, except... the enchiladas. The spinach didn't look fresh, and the enchilada itself was not warm enough. Almost as if they didn't pop it in the microwave long enough. My coworkers got the hard-shell tacos and what looked like a burrito wrap. They both seemed to have enjoyed it.

I'm not fully vegetarian, but I did notice lots of veggie dishes on their menu. They have a separate lunch menu with lunch specials that look very appetizing and a good deal.

The chips, salsa, and tortillas were not the best (surprise!), but it does satisfy the Mexican-food craving every once in a while. Boy, do I miss El Chile!

Posted by oneray at March 12, 2004 9:26 AM