March 19, 2004

A little sun here and there

Last weekend, the sun finally warmed the weather up a bit. Unfortunately, the multitude of tourists flocked in as well. The Covent Garden area was full of people. I got so frustrated bumping into people and getting stabbed by shopping bags that I had to give up shopping for the day.

I don't understand how the British do it. The cost of living is so high here. The prices for things are the same. Relatively, the British do not get paid any more that the Americans. So, why do I see people with dozens of shopping bags? Why are the stores so jam packed? One of my coworkers said that many British people our age still live with their parents or live with a roomate or two, so that helps them out financially.

It's always funny to me when I'm walking around and I hear an American talking because most of the time, they're tourists... and I'm not. They don't know where they're going, but I do. Not surprisingly, someone has stopped me to ask for directions to Chinatown. On another note, when I hear an American and he or she is not a tourist, deep down, I really want to make friends with them, but I'm not sure what to say. I might was well be a hermit.

Sunday was just the opposite. It drizzled all day. So, I only managed to go to the Tesco (grocery store) to buy a few items.

The grocery stores here are not like your average HEB, Randalls, etc. If you want a bigger selection of fruits and vegetables, you better find the fresh produce vendors near Soho. One section of a street is blocked off and the vendors sell their goods on tables. You can always get a better deal at the end of the day. :)

I haven't been very good at venturing out of my immediate area. The areas that I frequent are: Covent Garden, Leicester (pronounced "Lester") Square, Soho, Chinatown. That's why I've decided to make this weekend a market weekend: Camden Lock on Saturday and Old Spitalfields Market, London's oldest market, on Sunday. I actually have to take the tube to get to these places.

The last episode of Sex and the City finally broadcasted here. This was my second time watching it... and I still enjoyed every minute of it. I know everyone's favorite character is Carrie, but for me I like Charlotte and Samantha the best.

Here's a picture of Trafalgar Square earlier this week... just a little bit of sun midday.



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