April 11, 2004

Buona Pasqua

Buona Pasqua! That's "Happy Easter" in Italian.

I flew back from London to Austin this past Monday. Guess who was on my plane? Guess... It was none other than Mikhail Boryshnikov. What's sad on my part was that I didn't even recognize him. Turns out he and his family had been in front of me in line at the airport checking in. I did notice his daughter, who is a teenager with that Avril Levigne/Evanescent chick look. I even looked at him in the line and thought, "Oh, that must be her father."

It wasn't until a friend of the girl who sat next to me came to our row and said, "Do you know who is sitting behind you? It's MB! In the row behind you, at the window." He sat diagonally behind me. I turned around to look then back to her and said, "No way!" I honestly didn't think that was him until I heard his voice. Yeah, that's Aleksandr Petrovsky's voice all right!

No, I didn't bother him to ask for his autograph or photo. Although, there were some college kids that did as we went through the long immigration line at Houston International Airport.

The rest of the week was filled with fun dinners and lunches... and a little bit of dancing here and there.

On Saturday, I went to Houston to see my parents. My mother had just returned from Taiwan and brought back some goodies for us. Gloria came to Houston too. My favorite Taiwan snack is this pastry thing called "nio shur bingh", which translated means "cow tongue cookie". It's only called "cow tongue" because of its shape, like an oval. "Oval cookie" just doesn't have the same appeal has "cow tongue cookie." This pastry originates in the southern central part of Taiwan. The best ones are from Lu Kang, where my grandparents live, where my parents grew up, and where I spent the first few years of my childhood. I miss Taiwan. Hope to visit soon.

On Sunday, I went to Houston Chinese Church with my friend Jenny and Gloria. Jenny is a regular there. She even teaches bible study classes to the little kids there. This was not the church I grew up going to, but it was still nice because of the music and the people. I saw several of my old friends there.

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