April 19, 2004

Herbal stuff

We read on TimeOut that Grooverider was going to be at Herbal on Sunday night. Since we haven't been there before, we found the Herbal website: http://www.herbaluk.com/. We got there around 9:30... pretty early, I know. But the reviews were saying how long the lines were, so we had to get there early. Fortunately, there was some good hip-hop upstairs. The dj's were spinning some good tunes... not your mainstream stuff.

I got a Smirnoff Ice. There's actually vodka in there! The ones we get in the States are malt liquor, which is like beer. See... things are different here.

Back to Herbal. Grooverider and other DJs form a Sunday night gig called "Grace". It's so nice to hear some good drum and bass mixed up by a variety of DJ's. Sometimes even Goldie joins them. Hope to catch a show when he's actually there.

We left early so that we could catch the tube back. Here's us on the tube. Somebody was obviously tired!

Posted by oneray at April 19, 2004 4:26 AM