April 23, 2004

Stornoway for a day

When people think about going on vacation, Stornoway is probably not on the top of their list. It's nice and quaint, but I wasn't able to find much to do. The cab driver said it rains at least once a day. I was there for work.

Elena and I left London Heathrow on Thursday at noon and stopped in Glasgow for a plane change. We had to get on a prop plane with about 20 rows, 3 seats in each row! It was actually a smoother flight than the one from London to Glasgow.

our prop plane

When we landed at Stornoway at 4:30, we were greeted by their daily shower. So, walking from the plane to the airport, was not pleasant. The airport, although small, was quite modern. It had only one gate and one baggage claim platform. There were only 4 check-in desks, and they were all for British Airways.

Inside the Stornoway airport

Stornoway Airport
** Let me also mention that no one checked my ID. Neither the trip to nor from Stornoway. Stornoway is in Scotland, in case you didn't know. Well, I didn't know until I found out I was going there.**

It was about a 5-minute cab ride from the airport to our hotel. We were originally going to stay at the Cabarfeidh Hotel, but it was full! So, we ended up at the Royal Hotel. http://www.calahotels.com/

The Royal Hotel is older with your typical european hotel rooms... small bathrooms. This is the view from my window. I wish I knew what castle that was.

view from Royal Hotel

The hotel was near the harbor, so I took a walk around. Everything was closed, except for a few pubs, restaurants, and the COOP (their local grocery store). It was incredibly windy that day, but I managed to catch a picture of a local pub... The HEB!
The HEB!

I'm so glad to be back in London. It's beautifully sunny today!

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