September 1, 2004

Picture fest!

What a beautiful day it is in London... not a cloud in the soft blue sky. The sunshine makes the white buildings almost blinding. The temperature is close to perfect. Too bad I don't have my camera with me.

I just went through a few of my photos on my computer and realize that there are pictures I haven't uploaded yet. So, here we go.

Early this year in April, we went to Hampstead Heath to throw frisbies. This is a really nice part of London. Less tourists.

The Sprite X Games were in London in July. We were only there for a few hours.
Yes, the fisherman cap is popular here... but for a limited time only!

July 31st was a very hot Saturday in London. Ryan and I went in search of the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park only to find it closed. There had be several injuries by people wading around in the fountain. It had been closed for remodeling. Here is an article from the Economist:

Then we found ourselves at the Serpentine. Paddle boats, anyone?

Finally, the grocery stores here have some weird stuff. Have you heard of "spotted dick"? I think it's a kind of sausage you can buy. I didn't want to try it since I don't eat meat. However, I did give "monkey nuts" a try. They're so good!

That's it for now.

This weekend, I'm going to Paris! My friends Max and Sheel will be there, so I'm going to ride the EuroStar to Paris and crash at their hotel.

Then, the third weekend in September, I'm going to Mallorca with some coworkers for a long weekend. Should be a blast!

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